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undefinedFriday, October 30, 2020

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Bergen, Norway — October 30th 2020

Evertz today announced that Evertz Microsystems has acquired Ease Live AS, the leading interactive graphics platform for connected devices and remote cloud production of graphics.

Evertz, the global leader in cloud media and entertainment technology solutions, will now offer its customers live interactive graphic overlays, at the edge, that will drive interactive experiences for OTT Video Service Providers. Ease Live will be deeply integrated with Evertz cloud production solutions for the benefit of its live sports, live events, and linear channel customers.

The Ease Live interactivity platform makes OTT video services come alive in the hands of the audience.

The Ease Live software-as-a-service (SAAS) technology platform, the engineering team, and the Ease Live customers, will now operate as a subsidiary of Evertz. Evertz and the Ease Live team will offer its customers a complete cloud-based solution that will drive viewer personalization, engagement, and interactive features.


Digital has become the priority for our entertainment, sports and news customers, so we are excited to bring interactive graphics to the edge. Our customers are looking for fast implementations of graphics that can drive new ways to engage their audiences.

Romolo Magarelli



To keep up with consumer demands, the industry has shifted towards OTT viewing. Broadcasters and other Video Service Providers, are constantly looking for ways to maintain and improve audience engagement rates. Ease Live enables this trend by providing more interactive and personalized content delivered to the consumer’s device. Evertz and Ease Live can produce live sports and other forms of digital content from the cloud, with comprehensive metadata tagging, that offers deep levels of video personalization. For video rights holders this opens the door for more sponsorships, advertising inventory, and eventually, in game betting and wagering.


Ease Live over the last three years, through Sixty AS and prior to acquisition, has expanded its capabilities with its customers. We specialize in creating and distributing new content experiences. Our interactive TV graphics platform enables connected devices to become interactive and personalized - all in the hands of the end users. It’s all about delivering better viewing experiences on top of what has already been invested in OTT. We are excited to be part of the Evertz family adding significant fire power to our growth.

Kjetil Horneland


Ease Live

About Ease Live

Ease Live AS (www.easelive.tv), an Evertz powered company, is the leading interactive graphics platform, powering sports leagues, broadcasters and content creators around the world. Ease Live is a SaaS service for creating, building and distributing digital overlays to end users on connected devices in real time. The platform enables the industry to deliver audience engagement and interactive graphics, all frame accurately synchronized with metadata - in sum; the ultimate viewing experience for the next generation viewer.

About Evertz

Evertz Technologies Limited designs, manufactures and markets video and audio infrastructure solutions for the television, telecommunications and new-media industries. Evertz provides complete end-to-end cloud solutions to content creators, broadcasters, specialty channels and television service providers to support their increasingly complex multi-channel digital, ultra-high definition (UHD) and next generation high bandwidth low-latency IP network environments. Evertz' solutions enable its customers to generate additional revenue while reducing costs through the more efficient signal routing, distribution, remote production, monitoring and management of content as well as the automation and orchestration of more streamlined and agile workflow processes on-premise and in the “Cloud”. For additional information, visit evertz.com.

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