Build revenue with context driven ads

Ease Live enables sports leagues, broadcasters and content providers to deliver live event advertising triggered by event data.

Popular Ad Formats

All advertisement formats are shown without altering any of the video content or production.


Picture In Picture

Squeeze back the player and show ads side by side


Dynamic L-Bar

Squeeze back the player and show an L-bar around the content


Dynamic Boarder Frame

Rendered on the user device with no impact to production

New Ads Triggered by Key Moments

Streamers today are interactive and need to engage with content across sports, news and entertainment. Ease Live can engage your audience with new and exciting forms of event-based advertising that consumer brands, sponsors and video rights holders can launch automatically from event-based data.

We do this by integrating the video player with our sports data and content data partners. No changes needed to your Ad Operation workflow, SSAI vendors or Ad Server.

We integrate with Google Ad Manager, SpringServe or other Ad Servers, and provide full impression reporting. The results, advertisers see significant performance and clicks as compared to traditional banners, pre roll and mid roll video ads. Content rights holders can expand revenue and sponsorship revenues.


On Top Of The Stream

All ads are rendered on top of the video player, with no stitching required. Choose from a range of ad formats.


Triggered by Game Moments

Automatically display an ad every time a game moment occurs, such as Sportradar and Stats Perform data.


Displays Across Devices

Integrates with your streaming apps for web, mobile and connected TVs with a simple to integrate SDK.



Personalize and target specific ads to different regions or user groups.

Make Every Moment an Ad Experience

Branding elements such as sponsorships are seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience. As users engage with the content they love we enable advertisement opportunities.

Check out our turnkey interactive sports experiences

We have ready-made sports experiences built with live game stats and data driven ads in focus.

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Works across video players

Integration is simple. Add our SDK on top of your existing streaming applications, and you'll be up and running in no time.

Deploy across the screens

From click and touch devices to remote control, we've got you covered. Every day we distribute interactive content to millions of end users across the devices.

Fully data driven

Ease Live is integrated with leading data providers for live game moments.

Trusted by the leading leagues & content providers in the world

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