Ease Live Football is a turnkey interactive experience for mobile, web, tablet and Smart TVs which enables you to launch interactive overlays with less installation time. Delivering interactive content keeps your audience engaged on the stream longer and enables new monetization opportunities - all in perfect sync with your live streams.

Follow Live Stats and Pitch by Pitch

As the game progresses, get the speed of the ball, where the ball was thrown, see the next due up and who’s in the hole.

Never Miss the Action with All Plays

All Plays are easily accessible from the main menu for fans to jump in and out of. Each item displays images of the players and allows your to navigate into a single player’s stats and profile.

Team Lineups and Player Details

Check out the lineup for the home and away team, including who is tonight’s starter. Each player can be clicked to get a more detailed view of their stats.

Polls and Factoids

Fans react extremely well to interactive quiz and polling features. On average, responses to questions aired on the screen have 60-70% response rates. Voting results can be shown to the fans in real time or to the production, who can choose when the results are shown.

Mobile 2nd Screen in Sync with the Large Screen Device

An alternative to delivering remote control supported UIs to the large screen, is to keep most of the interaction on the mobile device. Depending on the big screen device, we can synchronize the mobile experience frame accurately. This allows an end user to see stats and interact on their mobile, while watching a game on the big screen.

Works on all devices

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