Make your content interactive with
Ease Live

Make your content interactive with Ease Live

Engage your audience and create new revenue streams on any screen.

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We are pleased to announce Ease Live has been aquired by Evertz

Create Awesome Experiences

User friendly tools

Our easy to use tools make it a breeze to build, go live and distribute your content.

Design & Build
Build great interactive experiences with Ease Live Studio. No coding required, simply design, animate, test and launch your interactive experiences.
Broadcast production tools
Control the graphic templates in production. Output to existing workflows. Fully automated or manually controlled with an API available.
Analytics & Measurement
Gather deep knowledge about your users behaviour previously not possible, with our powerful cloud based data tools.

Proven Results

An interactive TV experience radically strenghtens the relationship between the viewer and the broadcaster.

Increased viewing duration
Poll response rate
Improved engagement
User insight
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