Engage your fans and create new revenue with interactive overlays

Ease Live powers the leading sports leagues, broadcasters and content providers in the industry with interactive ads and fan engagement on top of their streams.

Build revenue with context driven ads, sponsorships, shoppable TV and betting

Let your users engage in betting and shopping without interrupting the viewing experience. Sell ads and sponsorships in the overlays.

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Shorten time to market with our turnkey experiences for basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and tennis

Get started quickly with our ready made packages for web, mobile, connected TV and 2nd screen. Works across a range of devices.

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Engaged fans watch 5x longer

Fans who engage with interactive content stay up to 5x longer on the streams. Our customers have all seen increases in viewing duration times.

Proven results

An interactive TV experience radically strengthens the relationship between the viewer and the broadcaster.

Increased viewing duration

Poll response rate

Improved engagement

User insight

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