Powering Audience Engagement & Monetization

Ease Live is the leading platform for interactive graphics on the edge, delivering overlays to millions of users around the world. We power some of the largest sports leagues, broadcasters and content providers in the industry with interactive experiences on top of their existing OTT services.

Instantly Create and Publish Interactive Overlays

Ease Live Studio enables you to instantly design and publish overlays across the devices. Our experiences are created in the cloud and rendered on the end user device, allowing users to interact with multiple levels of content. Get started with one of our turn key sports experiences or create new concepts using our state of the art tools.


Integrates On Top of Your Video Players

Our Ease Live SDK installs on top of your video player, enabling graphics to surface on top of your streams. Compatible with Bitmovin, JWPlayer, Theoplayer, Shakaplayer, AVplayer, exoplayer, video.js, divaplayer and more.


Data Driven Advertisement

Easily incorporate data driven ad formats across the screens without changing your production. No stitching required.

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Synchronized Experiences for Live Content

Deliver amazing experiences to your audiences perfectly synched to your live content. Also works seamlessly for VOD.

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Reduce App Level Changes

Quickly design and release new features in the cloud, without waiting for the app stores to update to your latest version, shortening time to market for new features.

Works across all devices

Easily deploy interactive experiences across your apps

Fully Automated And Data Driven Production

Our experiences connect to leading data providers such as Sportradar and StatsPerform, powering an automatic rundown of all events required to drive interactive experiences.

In addition you have full editorial control and can manually publish additional content using our Ease Live Cockpit, for remote production teams.

1st Party Data and Insights

Ease Live Analytics gives valuable insight to end-users behaviour. Our tools allow you to measure how users interact, how long they stay on the streams and which part of the content they are engaging with, allowing you to collect GDPR compliant user data.


1st Party Data

Interactive users watch longer and are more engaged. Know what they are interacting with and collect 1st party data.


Multiple Users, Multiple Experiences

Publish interactive content in multiple languages, to different user groups or add localized changes.


GDPR compliant

All user data is GDPR compliant and safe.

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