Powering Audience Engagement & Monetization

Ease Live is the leading platform for interactive graphics on the edge, delivering overlays to millions of users around the world. We power some of the largest sports leagues, broadcasters and content providers in the industry with interactive experiences on top of their existing OTT services.

Design and publish directly in the cloud

Ease Live Studio lets you create stunning digital overlays on top of your existing OTT services. Publish to iOS, Android, Web and STBs in real time and start engaging your audiences with multiple levels of content.


Fully featured design tool

Design and ship amazing experiences directly from Ease Live Studio. This allows you to reduce app level changes and get to market faster with new innovative features.


Flexible versioning system

Work with drafts and multiple versions for easy iterations.


Reusable components

Save and reuse design components in multiple projects.

Remote graphics production made easy

Ease Live Cockpit lets you edit content, preview and test interactive components, and go live directly to end-users.


Synchronized experiences for live sports

Deliver amazing experiences to your audiences perfectly synched to your live games. Also works seamlessly for VOD.


Preview and publish immediately

Edit content, upload images and more on the fly for immediate distribution to your audience.


Fully automated and data driven

Integrates with leading data providers for live game stats. Deliver interactive experiences, fully automated or with additional editorial elements if you like.

Measure the effect

Ease Live Analytics gives valuable insight to end-users behaviour.


Driving engagement over time

Understand the trends and when to engage users with interactive content to retain the audience longer.


User profiles

See the location, device type, language of the end users and more.


GDPR compliant

Built upon the Matomo analytics engine, all user data is treated confidentially.

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