All the tools you need to engage your audience

All the tools you need to engage your audience

A powerful HTML5 design editor

Ease Live Studio let’s you create stunning digital overlays, on top of your existing OTT services. Publish to iOS, Android, Web and STBs in real time.
No coding required
Ease Live Studio writes the code for you, simply design, test and launch your interactive experiences to your production environment.
Flexible versioning system
Work with drafts and multiple versions for easy iterations.
Reusable components
Save and reuse design components in multiple projects.
Fully featured design editor
Imports custom fonts, add gradients and create smooth animations.

Remote graphics production made easy

Ease Live Cockpit lets you edit content, preview and test interactive components, and go live directly to end-users.
Embed to render output
Render the HTML5 graphics to on-premises video hardware for traditional distribution.
Publish immediately
Edit content text on the fly and upload images for immediate distribution.
Live preview
Test and preview any template before it's published.
Create individual presets, or share them with multiple programs.

Measure the effect

Ease Live Analytics gives valuable insight to end-users behaviour.
Driving engagement over time
Understand the trends and when to engage users with interactive content to retain the audience longer.
User profiles
See the location, device type, language of the end users and more.
Measure engagement
Reports on viewing duration, engagement rate and more.
GDPR compliant
Built upon the Matomo analytics engine, all user data is treated confidentially.
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